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When will Cricut arrive in South Africa?

When will Cricut be launched in South Africa?

The Wholesaler will launch Cricut as soon as we have secured compliance from our national regulators.

What compliancy issues are there?

The Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Maker are both electrical devices and also both contain a built-in Bluetooth module.

  • According to local authority, ICASA (www.icasa.org.za) all Bluetooth devices imported into South Africa require verification of the equipment’s compliance with the applicable standards and other regulatory requirements.
  • Similarly, the NRCS (www.nrcs.org.za) ensures the safety of electrical apparatus offered for sale in South Africa. The safety requirements are based on internationally accepted standards. Without the NRCS’s Letter of Approval, importers are not authorised to import electronic machines.

Can other wholesalers import Cricut?

As the sole distributor of Cricut in South Africa, only The Wholesaler is authorised to bring Cricut machines into South Africa and only The Wholesaler has the necessary reports from Cricut required to apply for regulatory compliance.
Cricut is not able to ship machines to South Africa without complying with local regulations.

How long does this process take?

The Wholesaler together with Cricut have been working on compliance for many months. Compliance can take up to 6 months.

How do we stay up to date on this process?

Subscribe to The Wholesaler’s Cricut notification newsletter to receive notices in your mailbox. Subscribe here

Below is a timeline of our compliance to date. As soon as we have achieved 100% compliance, The Wholesaler will launch Cricut in South Africa.

Sole distribution announced

NRCS Letter of Approval

ICASA Type Approval Pending

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  • Just love my Cricut Maker, but definitely need help especially trying to purchase access images and downloading SVGs from South Africa.

  • Hi, has the cricut launched in South Africa yet and where can I get prices from? Will they be available at other outlets, like craft shops? When purchasing, will there be some sort of training on using the equipment?
    Kind Regards, Erika

  • Hello Erika

    Cricut has not launched yet, we will launch Cricut as soon as we have secured compliance from our national regulators. You can learn more about this and get notified about ETA by subscribing the Cricut News here: http://www.thewholesaler.biz/blog/get-inspired/

    Yes, they will be available from over 200 stores nationwide! We do not sell directly to the public, but you can find a list of retail stores here: http://www.thewholesaler.biz/Store_locator

    Training is not included in the purchase of the machine, but stores might offer Cricut classes. However, the best advice I could give you regarding training is to follow Cricut on Facebook, they have daily video tutorial that will help immensely. Find them here: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialCricut

    Hope this helps :)

  • Hi, I would like to know if the Cricut cutting machines are available and from which retail stores I can purchase them from in Durban.

  • Hello Aaliyah. Cricut hasn’t launched yet, but good news is that we are expecting an announcement soon as to when Cricut will be available in South Africa :)

  • Mandisa Mbonjwa
    August 28, 2020 8:51 am

    Is the compliance done?

  • Yes! So we hope to bring Cricut to you very soon :)

  • Hi- when will Cricut maker be available to purchase in SA? What price ranges can we expect?

  • Hi Caitlin. The long wait is nearly over! We hope to announce a launch date and product range very soon.

  • Hi Caitlin. Good news, Cricut will be launched in November 2020. You can see the recommended retail prices here: https://bit.ly/Cricut-All

  • Anthea Rachelson
    January 2, 2021 7:13 pm

    As you are the official importer of cricut products, can’t you organise stuff for the South African market eg cricut mystery boxes and special prices on their products. They supply blanks and extras (like carry cases/covers) that are very difficult to find here, reasonably priced. Also the wait is so long to order from a shop who then orders from you, receives it and then it takes time plus courier costs to get to us.

  • Hi Anthea. We are the official distributor of Cricut in South Africa and we work closely with Cricut to bring exciting, well-priced products to you. We don’t sell directly to the public. Some stores have been offering Cricut deals which include a selection of consumables or tools. Due to the high demand for Cricut, most stores are currently sold out of machines, but the good news is that we expect stores to be stocked up again in February :)

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