Layering Vinyl on a Gift Box

What a fun way to dress up a transparent gift box – layering vinyl in different colours for a stunning effect. An easy way to create a beautiful and unique gift box for someone special.

How to:

I combined Gold and Holographic Blue Vinyl to create this heart cut on my Cricut Maker.

Step 1

Cut the images out of the vinyl – I used this heart image from Design Space. The first layer prompts the heart cut that I used the gold vinyl for. The second cut prompts the XOXO and I then used a scrap piece of my blue Holographic vinyl.

Step 2

Use your Cricut weeder tool and weed both images.

Step 3

Apply transfer tape onto the XOXO and burnish with the scraper tool.

Step 4

Position the XOXO on top of the heart.

Step 5

Burnish the entire design – This will lift the gold heart together with the XOXO.

Step 6

Remove the transfer tape with the image from the white backing. Here you can see the blue backing of the holographic vinyl.

Step 7

Place the design down onto the gift box and then burnish again to transfer onto your box. Carefully peel the transfer tape off.

And in a few easy steps, you have a gorgeous and totally unique gift box ready to be filled with some brightly coloured tissue paper and lots of spoils.

This is sure to make someone’s day a lot brighter – totally unique and special in every way, just like my Cricut Maker.

Jowilna Nolte


We are very proud to introduce you to the talented Jowilna Nolte, Lead Cricut Ambassador, MEA. Jowilna is a true creative and she will be sharing some of her passion and creativity with you.