Rosie’s Studio – Alphabets COMING SOON

For the first time in many years we can get excited about the amazing new Alphabet stickers that are coming from Rosie’s studios. With a choice of gold and silver, glitter and plain there will be something for everyone.

What I am not excited about, is all the left-over stickers I will have that I never get to use. Those last few x,y and z’s that always seem to stay put.

So, the challenge is once again how do we change that up. We always threaten to use our stash, but this time around I am changing my behaviour before falling into the trap of comfort again.

Yip – I am using up all those odd letters even before I start using the real ones. Combining the letters to create a background for my layout is one of the ways I will use them all without feeling guilty that I am finishing my letters. I am indeed using up things to create something new and wasting it sitting in a drawer.

So watch out world – Rosie’s Studio Alphabets are on their way and I am going to use every last one of them.

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