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Dear Santa, GoCut and Emboss

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is…all the craft stash my heart desires. If this is your wish this Festive Season then look no further than The Wholesaler for inspiration on what to put on your Christmas wish list.



I am sharing my top 5 picks for the ultimate crafter’s wish list:

NO. 1 GoCut and Emboss

This versatile machine has changed the way I see die-cutting in so many ways. From a slightly frustrated and annoyed crafter who hated cutting delicate, intricate dies, lettering and borders to someone who uses her machine on a daily basis – and that says a lot.

I am not a gadget girl at all and things have to really impress me to get my vote of confidence. And that is exactly what this little machine has done, given me confidence in gadgets and machines again.

It all has to do with good design and excellent manufacturing – so all in all it boils down to quality and good pricing. Right? Let’s face it even if a product is amazing quality and you know it but you can’t afford it then, it pretty much means you go without it.

So I can in all honesty say that this machine is worth every last cent and even better when Santa delivers this little baby and places it carefully under the Christmas tree!

With its all metal gears and its pretty golden face on the outside, this machine is all you will ever need. The high pressure it offers will give you flawless embossing on just about any surface and material you want to emboss (yes even ribbon and fabric) to flawless cutting like a hot knife through butter even with those pesky and ridiculously detailed [I hate you] die cuts.

Which brings me to its amazing sandwich configuration capabilities that include using the metal adapter plate and the A, B and C plates in any number of configurations to suit your need and the need of your dies and embossing folders. Used correctly and in the right order your plates will be flawless and work really hard for your good money paid.


I have used my machine extensively and daily from when I first got it and my C plate is perfectly intact, not buckled at all but really, really well worn. The sandwich I use for cutting is always A, B and cutting g into my C plate. This was the way we were taught way back in 2000 in America and I stick to that because it makes sense and works! My C plate has not warped or changed shape or cracked or done anything funny and will last me for another good 12 months without being replaced and who knows maybe even longer. The same goes without saying for my B plates that I also use for my chunky dies and embossing folders.

Even with tricky die-cuts and embossing folders that are slightly thicker, you can simply change your sandwich to A and C and you will have the same stunning results as with your normal sandwich. The thing is to know your machine, know your products and you will get perfect results every time.

So in my experience and opinion this is the best die-cutting machine that your money or Santa’s money can buy – so put it on your wish list today, or add a few accessories if you are lucky enough to already own this beast of a golden girl.


May all your wishes come true this festive season!

As part of my wish I used my GoCut and Emboss machine to create this layout using lots of die-cuts with some of those finicky dies that have issues on other machines, but cut beautifully each and every time on this machine.


My flourish, butterfly and doily dies find a place on this layout, each perfectly placed to create a beautiful end picture all using some papers and inks.

  • Step 1

    Die cut the flourish out of white cardstock and colour using your Memento ink pads for a striking visual finish.

    • Step 1

      Die cut the flourish out of white cardstock and colour using your Memento ink pads for a striking visual finish.

    • gocut-and-emboss-step1

    • Step 2

      Die-cut the doily twice out of patterned paper left over from creating your background. Left plain the die-cut makes a beautiful statement with the white on white, subtle and beautiful.

    • gocut-and-emboss-step2

    • Step 3

      The delicate butterflies are cut out of embossed patterned paper and grouped together on the page. The embossed paper allows you to leave them plain with some interest or you can ink them to add a striking pop of colour.

    • gocut-and-emboss-step3a

    Used together the die-cuts make for a stunning visual display of pattern and texture. How easy to create an entire layout with only 3 die-cuts and 2 sheets of patterned paper.


    So if nothing else you will be more creative by adding a GoCut and Emboss and some dies to your crafting arsenal.

    Jowilna Nolte

    Post by The Wholesaler’s Designer Jowilna Nolte.
    We are very proud to introduce you to our first designer, Jowilna Nolte. Jowilna is a true creative and she will be sharing some of her passion and creativity with you.

    Read more about Jowilna here.

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