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Coming Soon from Cricut

Cricut Materials

Refined, exotic, ornate, humble…beautiful projects come from materials of all types. Choose from so many options – Then let the machine work its magic.

Nimble tools to master every move

Whether you need to smooth things out, grab a teeny edge, or cut something down to size, these carefully designed and engineered accessories ensure you’ve got the right tool for every crafting task.

Make your project shine every time

Get inspired by our collection of diverse, high-quality materials, all designed to cut perfectly with Cricut machines. With finishes ranging from fun, flashy and sassy to polished, rich and refined, they make it easy to achieve exactly the look you’re after.

Be your creative best.
Ever since we launched the original Cricut® cutting machine, you’ve inspired us with your amazing creations. And as long as you keep doing your thing, we’ll keep doing ours: designing and building the tools you need to live your most creative life. Find Cricut products here…

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