All-Purpose Ink Art Journal Page

Somedays you just must throw ink on paper and see what happens. Sometimes it works perfectly like you envisioned and other days it just is a colourful collaboration between fantasy, hope and reality – perfectly imperfect.

Today was a day filled with play and colour and happiness. Where one can just throw All-Purpose ink onto a page and create a really colourful and fun Art Journal page. It did not start off that way at all trust me – it was more a force yourself and make it bright kind of day. But when it was all said and done it turned out just perfect!

I started off by stenciling the Celebr8 Family Words Stencil onto the background using Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste.

Once dry, I added loads of colour using my All-Purpose inks. A combination of paint brushes, palette knives, and pipettes all make light work of adding these amazing inks to create a gorgeous background.

Once done I used my Little Birdie Gel medium and painted it over the entire page to seal in and intensify the colours. It looks amazing right?

Then, I used my StazOn ink pad and some texture stamps to add details to the background. A fun quote and rainbow image finished off this page. Turning any gloomy day into a gorgeous and colourful day using my favourite Tsukineko inks and Little Birdie mediums, together with some gorgeous Celebr8 stencils.

Live a little and add some colour to your day!

2018 - Jowilna Nolte

Jowilna Nolte


We are very proud to introduce you to our designer, Jowilna Nolte. Jowilna is a true creative and she will be sharing some of her passion and creativity with you.