A Rainbow Of Colour And Texture – Altering And Using Die-Cuts

So I have a die-cut and want to use it on several different projects – but how do I make it look different each time, so that it doesn’t all look the same? Well today I am sharing another 2 of my ideas on how to alter your die-cuts for a different look.


Create a shadow

I like combining the same die-cut to create a shadow effect. This is achieved by using the same die-cut and slightly off-set them to create a shadow effect.
Using Die Cuts - Shadow Card Main

  • Step 1

    Die-cut your title twice using plain white cardstock. Use a light blue ink pad and add colour to the die-cut. Tap the ink pad lightly onto the die-cut until it is covered in a solid layer of ink.

  • Using Die Cuts - Shadow - Step 1

  • Step 2

    Use a second die-cut title and ink it in the same way using a darker shade of blue ink. Leave them to dry.

  • Using Die Cuts - Shadow - Step 2

  • Step 3

    Adhere the darker die-cut to the lighter die-cut slightly off-set so that it creates a light coloured shadow underneath.

  • Using Die Cuts - Shadow - Step 3

This looks amazing when the bottom die-cut is a lighter shade of grey as well. Experiment and find interesting colour combinations for a fun look on cards and layouts.


Colour and shine

For this die-cut word I used the amazing new Kaisercraft gel pens to colour my word. This is such a fun and informal way of adding amazing colour to anything and looks great on a single die-cut word.
Using Die Cuts - Blessed Rainbow Cards

  • Step 1

    Die-cut your word out of smooth or textured white cardstock.

  • Using Die Cuts - Step 1

  • Step 2

    Use your gel pens to add colour. I just scribbled different colours onto my word using one colour at a time for a fun rainbow look.

  • Using Die Cuts - Step 2

  • Step 3

    Once done, I added a layer of dimensional glaze to my word to finish it off with a glossy layer. Then it is ready to be adhered to your card or layout.

  • Using Die Cuts - Step 3

What a fun way of adding colour, texture and dimension to your die-cuts in a few easy steps.

Using Die Cuts - Rainbow Cards

Happy die-cutting! And remember using die-cuts in different ways will make that purchase worth it!


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