With the end of the year around the corner, more and more teenagers are planning some fun activities – especially the class of 2016. So instead of letting them head out on their own why not plan a fun and festive pool party for them complete with pink flamingos and lots of cool snack and sweet tubs? Today we share some fun ideas with you using a gorgeous range of scrapbooking paper as inspiration.

Start off the party with a fun invitation with a hint of the theme – complete with pink painted flamingos and lots of bright colours.

  • Step 1

    Print the invitation onto white cardstock. Die cut flamingo out of white AC smooth cardstock. Use your Memento inks and All Purpose inks to add colour to the die-cuts.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 1

  • Step 2

    Use your Memento inks and All Purpose inks to add colour to the die-cuts. Add the ink to your craft sheet, then lightly mist with water. Use your Fantastix to pick up some ink and colour the die-cuts. Leave them to dry.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 2

  • Step 3

    Add some Brilliance gold ink to your craft sheet. Mist with water and pick up some of the ink with your Fantastix. Paint a layer of gold shimmer over your coloured flamingo die-cuts.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 3

  • Step 4

    Adhere a strip from the sticker border to the top of the invitation. Adhere the flamingo to the printed invitation. Use the same ink colours as before and a small paint brush to add ink splats to your invitation for some fun coloured effects.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 4

  • Step 5

    Punch leaves from your patterned paper and adhere to the side of your invitation. Scatter diamanté in between the leaves to finish off the invitations.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 5

To minimize snack wastage, use small bamboo cups for small portions of food and chips. Decorate them with stickers, ribbon and die-cuts for a visual feast.

Summer Pool Party - food cups

Use bright coloured paper straws and die cut flamingos to serve cold beverages. For the straws you can create a fun decorative element that won’t break the bank, but will certainly add to the festive feel and look.

Summer Pool Party - flamingo bottles

  • Step 6

    Punch small circles from paper scraps.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 6

  • Step 7

    Fold the circles in half and adhere them together. Adhere 5 punched and folded circles together.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 7

  • Step 8

    Adhere the circle element to the top of a drinking straw for a fun festive element.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 8

  • Step 9

    Create your own umbrellas instead of buying them. Punch large circles from your patterned paper.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 9

  • Step 10

    Cut a slit into the side of the circle to the middle.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 10

  • Step 11

    Add some Tombow adhesive to the one edge and fold it over the other edge to form the umbrella.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 11

  • Step 12

    Die cut some flowers and assemble them using some fun brads.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 12

  • Step 13

    Adhere the brads to the umbrella. Use a bamboo toothpick as the umbrella rod and use large beads to decorate the top of the umbrella. Add them to some of the drinks, food cups and even cupcakes to add to the theme of your party.

  • Summer Pool Party - Step 13

A healthy and easy dessert option is to make coloured jelly in recycled glass jars. Fill the top of the jars with coloured sweets and treats. Decorate the jars with cut out flowers, stickers and twine. Serve with funky wooden spoons.

Summer Pool Party - jello cups

So get your thinking caps on and give the class of 2016 a fun and fond farewell as they head into the real world – time enough for just one last fun and festive summer pool party before all seriousness starts.


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