Make the most of your die-cuts – Jowilna 101

We all have loads of die-cuts right? But unless you are using them for more than a single application then you are not taking full advantage of them. Today I am showing you how to think differently and take your die-cuts further in a few easy steps.

    • Step 1

      Die cut the circle mesh out of cardstock. I used a manilla tag for my experiments but you could easily re-create this on a card or layout.

    • Step 2

      Use the negative of the die-cut piece, place it on another tag and use it as a stencil. Ink over the interesting edges using a dye ink and keep on turning it to ink around all the edges creating a really interesting effect.

    • Step 3

      Place this negative piece on top of another inked tag, or use patterned paper to back the cut out for a nice alternative.

    • Step 4

      Ink the positive piece of the die-cut (mesh circle) back inside the negative.

    • Step 5

      Use the positive circle mesh and mist it with ink, while it is still wet flip it over and use it as a stamp onto another tag. This creates a beautiful effect and will look great on a layout as part of your background. Now use the inked positive on another tag or card.

And that is how you can achieve at least 5 different looks and effects using a single die-cut.

Number 5…yes I am the person that colours the confetti circles and then adheres them onto my project!

Have fun experimenting and seeing how you can make the most of your die-cuts and use your single die-cut in 5 different ways.


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Post by The Wholesaler’s Designer Jowilna Nolte.
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