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Inking Fabrics

I sewed a ‘fabric storage thingy’…for a lack of a better word because I technically don’t think it’s a storage bucket. I would like to call myself talented in sewing, but the truth is I wing it and it’s perfectly imperfect and that’s ok. The point is I did something really cool with my inks and it’s functional and it’s pretty – so that’s pretty darn cool I would say.

I had a piece of heavy canvas used for a drop cloth when painting lying around. It’s such an awesome heavy and durable fabric and I have been playing around with it doing different things. And today was the day I tried sewing a storage bucket. Needless to say, I couldn’t find the easy step x step for sewing so I just went for it.

First, I had to colour my canvas. Mist the canvas with water using a spray bottle.

Select to shades of the colour you want to use, I select blues – Sky Mist and Blue Bayou.
Tip the bottles, one at a time, and only a small amount onto the canvas. Once the ink is on the canvas mist it with more water and let it spread out. Keeping adding ink and water until you love the look.

Leave the canvas to dry, or if you are me, use a hot iron and iron the canvas dry. This also seals in the All-Purpose Ink to become permanent.

Now sew your storage bucket.

Once done, pull the canvas bucket over an old recycled dog food tin, and use as storage for your favourite tools.

And in a few easy steps, I had a stunning, faded jeans looking storage bucket – imperfect but functional and pretty in my favourite colours.

“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” so go on make something today!

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2018 - Jowilna Nolte

Jowilna Nolte


We are very proud to introduce you to our designer, Jowilna Nolte. Jowilna is a true creative and she will be sharing some of her passion and creativity with you.