Review: GoCut and Emboss by Couture Creations

As a crafter I have used more die-cutting machines in my life than I have actually owned. I have tried and tested and loved a lot of machines during this time but none of them have met all my expectations quite like the GoCut and Emboss by Couture Creations.

It’s difficult to please everyone all of the time, but with this machine I think the tides might just be turning. Here’s a quick review of the machine {all opinions expressed are my own}

Unpacking the machine is a total breeze. Everything is neatly packaged, perfect for shipping and storing. This means that even before you received your machine you know it has been in good hands. The care and precision with which it is packed is noticeable and compact. I mention compact because sometimes you get this huge box and there is literally nothing inside. This is not the case. The box is small, the machine is huge and it just works.

GoCut and Emboss by Couture Creations - Review Packaging

Once you have the machine out of the carefully moulded and placed polystyrene casing it is time to attach the handle and unpack the rest of the goodies. The rest of the goodies may I just say ARE ALL INCLUDED. Can I say that again – no purchasing of extras.

A small allen key lets you attach the handle effortlessly, and it comes complete with an easy to add golden plastic (almost rubbery) cover to cover the handle where it is attached. It is nothing fancy but it is those little details that are important to a crafter – after all I want my machine to look great even just posing…I mean standing on my work table.

And that’s it. Now please remember to store the allen key in a safe place. Yes you guessed it, I have no idea where mine is at present moment – but I think knowing me, it’s right back in the box. This is just in case you need to pack it up when you move to a bigger house with craft basement {yip only dreaming}.


Inside the box are all the plates you will ever need…to start off that is.

  • 1 x Base Plate (A)
  • 2 x Cutting Plates (B)
  • 1 x Die Adapter Plate (C)
  • 1 x Metal Adapter Mat

GoCut and Emboss by Couture Creations - Review Plates

Remember that your plates will wear over time and will need to be replaced, depending of course on how much cutting and embossing you actually do with your machine. But this is one baby I am going to use quite a bit!

And for those newbies to world of die-cutting machines, a full and easy to understand instruction leaflet. READ IT! It contains valuable information. Inside you will also find a leaflet with the Warranty information – keep this in a safe place too. {just found all my bits in the box guys – whoohoo go me}


The actual machine

I have had my machine for just about a month now! And all I can say is I am in love! Yes truly!

I unpacked my machine with great excitement. The colour of course is a great bonus – its neutral people. It fits into my calm space and doesn’t clash with anything around it. It makes me happy.

Secondly the machine is chunky – yes she has body – just enough to grip and sit tightly and soundly on your work surface. She is sturdy with loads of curves in all the right places. And she doesn’t budge no matter what – unless placed on a silly surface that is.

The first thing I wanted to try is the cutting. And since Couture Creations prides itself on making the most divine and delicate, detailed dies those were up first! And let me tell you what, dies I avoided like the plague because cutting them was a nightmare that took minutes and then some more minutes of jaw clenching-tantrum-throwing-paper-ripping and poking with a paper piercer to get it from the die…are now a total breeze.

The first cut I did, I simply put the die through the machine once and it cut right through – right through! I was super impressed and kept going, trying all those difficult and evil dies in my stash – yes you know the type. They all cut like a hot knife through butter. I believe it is the chunky build, the proper rollers, the metal adapter and the sheer genius of the machine design that attributes to this effortless cutting. I am in heaven.

GoCut and Emboss by Couture Creations - Review Sizing

The embossing part of the machine is just as amazing. Although not life changing as the cutting, the embossing is effortless, clean and precise.

I even managed to pop in an embossing matt and tried embossing with my dies and this little lady, is amazing at it. Her golden strokes of genius are truly an all-rounder’s dream.

I can safely say that this machine is my favourite to date.

With no bulk extra plates that need to be folded over, or loads of reading instructions and lengthy pep talks on the book of plates, no fussy extras, no weird colour combinations – just plain and simple with amazing working parts. And after all, that’s all we want, a sturdy machine that looks great and works even better. And that’s how easy it is to keep a crafter happy!


All I have to say is get the GoCut and Emboss by Couture Creations – and fall in love again.

Jowilna Nolte

Post by The Wholesaler’s Designer Jowilna Nolte.
We are very proud to introduce you to our first designer, Jowilna Nolte. Jowilna is a true creative and she will be sharing some of her passion and creativity with you.

Read more about Jowilna here.

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  • Yippee sounds like a dream machine and in just over a week I will have one in my grubby paws!

  • What a fantastic machine! It operates so much easier than my previous machine and feels quite a lot sturdier. THANK YOU Couture Creations!!!

  • Cuts delicate dies like butter…

  • Thank you Jowilna for your fabulous review of our GoCut and Emboss Machine. We will definitely share your review.

  • Gerzelda Cooper
    June 7, 2016 6:20 am

    It works great and cuts like a crocodile Dundee. I love this machine. Thanks for this fantastic gift.

  • Such good news! We love the GoCut too…

  • South Africa LOVES the GoCut and Emboss! Thanks so much Couture Creations <3

  • it is an amazing machine… I love Couture Creations!

  • Suzan de Bruyne
    June 8, 2016 1:09 pm

    Tnx Couture for the awsome machine

  • told you so – LOVE this machine! <3

  • Mm I must be doing something very wrong then because I am not a fan of the GoCut and Emboss. I had issues with the first one not embossing or cutting evenly and it was replaced but I am having the exact same issues and I find it not capable of cutting framing dies. It seems it is going to break my plates. I tried several combinations of plates etc and am really finding this a trial to say the least. I can’t complain to the people I got it from because they have already replaced it once. I am stuck with it but I must say, I am not liking using it unless I am using very small non intricate dies

  • Hello Jules,

    I am sorry you are not happy with your GoCut. They are really fantastic little machines. In order to assist you, please indicate exactly what you were cutting, the material you were using, which plates, what order you had your plates in, etc. I will try my best to be of assistance.

  • Isabel Van Eeden
    September 6, 2017 12:00 pm

    Please provade order info
    Where to buy. Whats the price.

  • The recommended retail price for the GoCut and Emboss is R1999.00
    If you visit our website, you will see all the Couture Creations products currently available: http://bit.ly/Couture-Creations
    If you click on any of the thumbnail images they will open up and you will see more details including the recommended retail price.
    We do not sell directly to the public, but please visit the store locator to find shops & online stores that stock our products. http://bit.ly/craft-stores
    I hope this info helps :)

  • Annatjie Botha
    October 20, 2017 2:54 pm

    What is the size off the plates, are they A4?

  • Hello Annatjie,
    No, they are not A4.
    All 4 plates – A,B,C & Metal Mat are: 5.875” x 7.75” | 15 x 19.7cm
    The platform is 6” wide.
    It will fit all standard embossing folders & cutting dies

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