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Glitz Design – New in November

Cashmere Dame

Cashmere Dame is a neat-o collection with bold fun colours and designs. It has a swell 50’s twist combined with some of the trendiest patterns and colour schemes of today. You will be inspired by the sassy titles and colourful embellishments!

Glitz - Cashmere Dame Collection

Click here to see the full ‘Cashmere Dame’ collection!

Glitz - Cashmere Dame Card

Hello Friend

The Hello Friend collection is inspired by the love of friendship! It’s got everything you need to record your fondest memories with cherished friends. This soft collection includes titles to inspire, journal spots to record and embellishments to beautify…It truly is a friendship that will last forever!

Glitz - Hello Friend Collection

Click here to see the full ‘Hello Friend’ collection!

Glitz - Hello Friend Card

Yours Truly

Yours Truly is filled with warm colours, sweet sayings and lace accents. If you always follow your heart then you will want this collection in your stash!

Glitz - Yours Truly Collection

Click here to see the full ‘Yours Truly’ collection!

Glitz - Yours Truly Layout

Thank you Glitz for all the amazing inspiration! See the Glitz blog here…


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