Oh Baby Girls – DIY Baby Shower Ideas For Little Princesses Part 1

When it comes to pink and little girls, who doesn’t love a good dose of cute? This week we are sharing some ideas of how to personalise ideas for a perfectly pink baby shower fit for any little princess.

DIY Baby Shower - teacup 1

Not all baby showers have to be before baby arrives and sometimes it’s fun to celebrate the little one once she is already here. Instead of anticipating her arrival we are celebrating her life with a beautiful tea setting.

For this tea cupcakes are beautifully decorated and placed inside pretty pink teacups. These yummy treats are paired with cute little furry friend chipboard elements as decoration.

DIY Baby Shower - serviette 1

The serviettes are decorated using a die cut which is stamped onto the serviettes themselves. Don’t worry these are perfectly beautiful and safe for your guests to use.


Here’s how I stamped onto my serviettes:

  • Step 1

    Lightly ink the top edge of your die cut by patting the ink pad onto the raised portion of the die.

  • DIY Baby Shower - serviette Step1

  • Step 2

    (a) Create the following sandwich using your Cuttlebug plates. (b) A Plate, B Plate, Die facing inked side up, serviette correctly positioned, embossing rubber matt, B Plate. (c) Now send the sandwich through your Cuttlebug.

  • DIY Baby Shower - serviette Step2

  • Step 3

    Remove the sandwich from your machine. Carefully remove the die cut from the serviette to reveal the stamped wording on the surface.

  • DIY Baby Shower - serviette Step 3

These can now be dressed up with ribbons and placed in a creative way on the tea table for a stunning visual effect – a true show stopper perfect for any budget.

Die-cuts are versatile and fun!

DIY Baby Shower - announcement

Theme specific die-cuts like an “it’s a girl” die, are always tricky to purchase – what do you do with them afterwards? I mean apart from using them for baby showers how do you get your money’s worth and justify your purchase? Well you use them creatively in different ways of course…

Here I used the die-cut to create a fun and playful shadow effect on this birth announcement. This could have been a baby shower invitation, announcement card, used on a layout, a congratulations card… you get the idea right?

The idea is simple but with stunning results.

  • Step 1

    Die cut the wording in two different shades and designs of paper.

  • DIY Baby Shower - announcement - Step 1

  • Step 2

    Adhere the lighter shade of the two first to your project. Then adhere the darker shade on top of the first one, but angled slightly to off-set the first one. This will create a shadow like effect. This is perfect for using up all those paper scraps that we all have lying around.

  • DIY Baby Shower - announcement - Step 2

  • Step 3

    Create an envelope using patterned paper by folding the paper and adhering two sides closed to create the envelope. Use a circle punch to punch a notch out of the open side. Create a printed announcement for inside using a contrasting paper and decorate using a pull out tag.

  • DIY Baby Shower - announcement - Step 3


Other ideas of how you can make this theme specific die-cut more versatile

[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Cut it up and use the girl on its own
  • Emboss it using heat embossing and a metallic embossing powder
  • Use it on your layouts to create a border strip. Die-cut it several times and adhere them all lined up together along an edge
  • Combine it with a question mark to ask a question?
  • Use it as a mark and ink or mist over it on a background
  • Wrap the die cut around a serviette as a serviette holder
  • Adhere it to a pretty ribbon around a gift
  • Use it on your girly layouts even when they are bigger – combined with other wording and lettering you can create fun captions and headers making it quirky, funny, serious – think outside the box here i.e. “it’s a girl thing
  • Offer to cut it for friends, family and even friends of friends for their baby showers
  • Make invitations and baby shower announcements to supplement your income in your spare time
  • Re-sell it to someone that is planning a themed baby shower

Just a few ideas of how I would utilize this die- making my bucks stretch even further when committing to such a purchase!


Remember to come back again next week for more exciting DIY baby shower ideas!

Jowilna Nolte

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