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Are you a trendwatcher? And are you inspired by colour as much as I am? Do you roam home decorating stores, follow fashion designers, and are you inspired by shapes, colours, patterns or textures? Well then stick around.

I am always intrigued by how Pantone comes up with the Colour of the Year. How they predict it and how it will follow through in other creative industries.

For 2024 the colour is Peach Fuzz: A light, delicate shade that sits between pink and orange. Peach Fuzz marks the 25th anniversary of Pantone’s Colour of the Year program. This soft, heartfelt hue expresses the desire to nurture, kindness, compassion, and connection—all while fostering a deep coziness as we seek a peaceful future.

So naturally I drew inspiration from that and pulled out all my inks, stamp pads, patterned papers, cardstock and just started creating.

For this art journal page, I used my All-Purpose Inks and combined them with some stronger shades of pink and orange and then added some teal in the mix too for interest.

For me, following a trend is not about copying it exactly, but rather finding inspiration in the possibilities – that is creativity.

And I suspect a lot of creatives will fall in love with this colour for various reasons this year – for me, it’s not as much the colour but rather the possibilities of it.

What will you create with the Colour of the Year?

2018 - Jowilna Nolte

Jowilna Nolte


We are very proud to introduce you to our designer, Jowilna Nolte. Jowilna is a true creative and she will be sharing some of her passion and creativity with you.

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