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Artiste Water Brush Pens

I love all these water brush pens we get nowadays but sometimes there is just a specific colour that I want or need.

What I like about them is that I can quickly colour a stamped image, create splats in my art journal or just doodle in colour. I can even add some shimmer to my projects. And all that using my All-Purpose Inks and a water brush.

I simply use a pipette to add some API and a tiny bit of water into my empty water brush and I have an instant coloured ink brush that I can travel with.

For a shimmering effect, I simply fill my brush with metallic All-Purpose ink of which Champagne is my favourite with some water, shake it well and there I have an instant shimmering pen.

Why don’t you try it with these amazing inks – perfect for on the go projects and a cost effect way of creating your own brush pens.

These are also amazing for those ladies who are all jacked up with their brush handwriting skills and calligraphy. I still need to practise.

Have you delved into using water brushed with your inks, yet? Take a look here for other exciting mixed media products…

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