Make a rainbow coloured décor piece using flowers

With Spring looming and the days starting to warm up what better way than to celebrate with a rainbow of spring flowers décor block.

Step 1

Paint a wooden block with the Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste. Mist the paste with some water and then paint the block to create a gessoed base. Use the same paste with a palette knife and stencil the design repeatedly onto the block. Leave to dry.

Step 2

Cut up some chipcard swirls and adhere to the wooden block using Heavy Gel medium as a glue. Adhere flower clusters using Heavy Gel and leave the block to dry.

Step 3

Mist the flowers with water. Use a pipette and drop some ink colours onto the block starting at the top with Black Iris All-Purpose Ink, mist with water and let the ink flow. Now continue adding colour with the All-Purpose Inks in this order after the Black Iris: Wisteria, Rose Pink, Tangerine, Mint Green and Spring Green. Keeping adding colour and misting with water.

Step 4

Use a paint brush to get into smaller spots and to add some ink drops on areas where you want more colour or where you want colours to bleed and blend.

Step 5

Once dry, finish off your block with a handle at the top and other elements as desired.

I love how these All-Purpose Inks make colouring your mixed media projects so easy.

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  • […] I love how these All-Purpose Inks make colouring your mixed media projects so easy. I used a selection of colours to create a rainbow effect colouring the gorgeous little birdie flowers. I added a cute little handle on top of the wooden block – so it can be hung, but also just be purely decorative. And did you spot the amazing stenciled effect on the background – using Little Birdie Mixed Media Paste and a Celebr8 stencil. The chipboard swirls are also from the Celebr8 range – and look how amazing they look. This is just the end result of letting the ink run into the chipboard and doing its thing naturally. Until next time – time to get colourful and use that stash to add some colour into your life!For a full step x step you can head on over to The Wholesaler’s blog […]

  • Priscilla Keyser
    September 20, 2019 12:58 pm

    Thank you Jowilna for sharing your amazing talent with us. I just LOVE it well done.