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Origami Heart of True Love

The hot new trend at CHA 2014 is origami – the art of paper folding! How exciting yet another way to use your favourite scrapbooking papers!


Easy Origami Heart

The perfect 3D origami heart for your Valentine’s cards! This origami heart is relatively simple to make and just beautiful. Make it in any type of paper you like – it is a very adaptable model so many different types of paper will work…like traditional origami paper, foils, scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper or even magazine paper will work perfectly! PLEASE remember to share YOUR creations with us on Facebook!


Here are some more Origami ideas and tutorials!

(Find many more tutorials on www.origami-fun.com)

Origami Dress

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History of paper folding:

No one really knows when and where origami was invented. Some origami historians argue that since the invention of paper is credited to Ts’ai Lun of China in A.D. 105, paper folding must have been invented soon after. Paper was then introduced to Japan in the late sixth century by Buddhist monks, and paper folding was brought along with it. In Japan, paper was considered an expensive commodity, and it was used in many aspects of Japanese life, most notably in architecture. Certain origami models were incorporated into religious (Shinto) ceremonies. In fact, the word for paper, kami, is a homonym for the word for spirit or god. The designs associated with Shintoist ceremony have remained unchanged over the centuries. However, since there are no known Chinese records of paper folding, and since the oldest Japanese records date only to the 18th century, other historians claim that origami is definitely a Japanese invention. Regardless of its ultimate origin, Japan is recognized as the country that most fully developed the traditional art of origami.

Origami Star