Creating Foiled Elements with Little Birdie Heavy Gel

I loved playing around with the Little Birdie Heavy Gel and Couture Creations Foil to create foiled elements. Take a look at how easy it is to use your stencils to create gorgeous foiled backgrounds.

Step 1

You will need Heavy Gel, foil, scissors, a stencil and a palette knife.

Step 2

Cut a piece of foil that will cover the size of your stencilled cardstock piece.

Step 3

Apply a thick layer of Heavy Gel through your stencil using a palette knife.

Step 4

While the gel is still wet, place the foil over the stencilled piece and press it down lightly onto the gel. Set aside your piece until the gel is dry.


I peak every now and then to see the progress. If the gel is dry, the foil will be adhered to the gel, if the gel is still wet, there will be no foil attached to it.

Step 5

Once the gel is totally dry you can remove the foil.

Step 6

Peel the foil off from the gel background to reveal your design.

Step 7

Use your foiled piece on a card or layout.

It’s so fun to see your foiled stencilled design revealed when you peel off the foil. Try using multi coloured foils at the same time for a creative variation.

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