Exciting New Little Birdie Mixed Media

New Little Birdie Mixed Media

“Introducing additions to the ever popular Little Birdie Mixed Media range. Soft Gloss Gel, Heavy Matt Gel, Natural Mica Flakes and Natural Mica Powder. Your all-in-one Mixed Media solution and at an unbeatable price!” ~ Little Birdie

Mica Flakes – Natural

Natural Mica Flakes are great for adding a translucent gleam in mixed media, scrapbooking and other projects. Adhere with glue of your choice. Using Mica Flakes with clear drying glues preserve its translucent shine. Mica flakes are waterproof, heat resistant and easy to break into pieces.

Mica Powder – Natural

Natural Mica Powder is great for adding a shimmery effect to craft projects, paintings, decor and clay projects. Can be mixed with gesso, modelling paste, gel mediums and water to create a customized look. Apply with paints or water on paintings for a shimmery effect. Mix with clay or use with varnish for a subtle glaze on clay projects.

Gel Heavy Matt

Transparent, flexible, extra heavy body acrylic gel medium with a glossy finish. Extends volume, viscosity and density of acrylic paints along with increasing brilliance and transparency. Keeps paints workable for longer Can be mixed with paints, pigments and inks. Works as a binder for powder pigments.

Gel Soft Gloss

When mixed with acrylic paints, the Soft Gel medium can alter texture, paint flow, etc. Great for extending colour volume and adding body to thinner paints for impasto techniques. Retains peaks, brush strokes and helps create dimension in projects. Can be used directly as an adhesive or a glossy overlay. Water based, transparent, archival safe and non- toxic.