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Cricut Project Center

Provo Craft Launches Online Cricut Project Center

New Crafting Community Gives Members the Opportunity to Express Themselves Creatively, Share Projects, and be Inspired by New Ideas

The Cricut Project Centre

Provo Craft announced the launch of Cricut Project Center™, an online social community site designed to inspire and share creative ideas around crafting.

In a recent survey conducted by Provo Craft, 64 percent of craft consumers said they preferred to do research for guidance and inspiration prior to beginning a craft project. With Cricut Project Center, members can now view craft projects submitted by other crafters, and can share their own projects and ideas with the rest of the community. Projects within the Cricut Project Center are searchable by themes, level of difficulty, required time, type of project, and key word. When a project is selected, users are given additional details about how to complete their project, such as:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Images of the project
  • A list of materials needed
  • A skill level designation
  • An estimated time it should take to complete the project, and
  • Project cut files

“We are excited about this new online community and can’t wait to see the creative and innovative projects our Cricut users come up with,” said Ashish Arora, CEO of Provo Craft. “With Cricut Project Center, visitors can be motivated by the creativity of others, share their own imaginative creations, and ultimately spend more time crafting and less time searching for inspiration. Cricut Project Center is a direct result of the close relationship we have built with our consumers, and we will continue to collaborate with them to create the products and innovations they need most in order to maximize their personal creativity.”

To join this creative community, consumers must first set up a free profile at Cricut.com. In addition to viewing and sharing projects, members of Cricut Project Center are also able to mark individual projects as a “faves.” A project will earn an award when it receives a certain number of faves, and individual designers are also able to earn a profile award based on the number of projects that they have published. Members can also share projects across other social media sites integrated into Cricut Project Center such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ and can link to YouTube videos containing additional visual project guidance.

“Crafting has always been built on a culture of sharing ideas, and with Cricut Project Center we have created a community where people can come together and let their personal creativity shine,” added Arora.

Visit the Cricut Project Center here


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