Christmas Bows Using The Envelope Punch Board

So we already know how versatile the envelope punch board is right? Well today I am showing you how to create your own paper bows using the punch board. So even if it’s not entirely new to you, there is always something to learn and to inspire someone else with. So here goes…

Christmas Bows - Giftwrap

With the festive season coming up and loads of wrapping going to happen pretty soon, we are going to make some bows using our paper scraps.

    • Step 1

      Cut various strips of patterned papers. Mine measures 8×1” for the bow and 4×1¼” for the base of the bow.

Christmas Bows - Step 1

    • Step 2

      Insert the 8” strip so that the left edge reaches to the 4” mark.

Christmas Bows - Step 2

    • Step 3

      Punch the centre portion of the strip.

Christmas Bows - Step 3

    • Step 4

      Flip over the strip and line up the left edge again to the 4” mark and punch again.

Christmas Bows - Step 4

    • Step 5

      The centre of your bow has now been punched.

Christmas Bows - Step 5

    • Step 6

      Position the edges of the paper strip inside the punch area and punch the corners to shape them.

Christmas Bows - Step 6

    • Step 7

      Repeat on both sides.

Christmas Bows - Step 7

    • Step 8

      Fold the sides over and use a small amount of adhesive to hold them in place.

Christmas Bows - Step 8

    • Step 9

      Position the 4” strip in the centre of the punch area and punch.

Christmas Bows - Step 9

    • Step 10

      Repeat the punching of the centre for the other side of the base of your bow.

Christmas Bows - Step 10

    • Step 11

      Use a small strip of barcode paper and create a wrap around for the centre of your bow.

Christmas Bows - Step 11

    • Step 12

      Adhere the bow to your base using adhesive.

Christmas Bows - Step 12

Christmas Bows - Step 13

And there you have a really special bow made in a few minutes using your left-over paper scraps. The possibilities are endless for these little bows. Dress them up or down and create them in all sizes and colours – perfect for the festive season.

Christmas Bows - Wrappings

And don’t forget to try the Christmas bows on your cards too.


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