“Life is all about the choices YOU make & the paths YOU decide to follow. The new Celebr8 GOOD VIBES collection is designed around 4 simple truths about YOU; YOU are amazing, YOU can do anything, YOU are unique & YOU will succeed today. The bold colours and striking elements will help you create a project that celebrates everything wonderful about YOU and the people in your life. #happyscrapping!” ~ Celebr8

“We have also ‘Raised the Bar’ with this collection and bring you 4 new and exciting developments;
1. Celebr8 Bulk packs now come in a stylish, branded box.
2. Celebr8 Paper is now printed on a thicker 240g cardstock (at no extra cost).
3. Celebr8 sketch packs come with a detailed sketch, layout image & full notes.
4. We launch our new product line ‘Odds & Ends’ pre-printed die cut collectibles.” ~ Celebr8


Celebr8 is a proudly South African brand that focuses on designing and manufacturing gorgeous themed collections that includes chipboard, masks, stamps, embellishments and stunning patterned paper! Whether you are looking for an everyday design or something out of the ordinary, Celebr8 has it all! Find the refreshing new Celebr8 GOOD VIBES range here »



  1. jowilna

    what a fabulous NEW collection – raising the bar for even more scrapbooking goodness.

  2. Carien

    What are the pricrs on goodvibe bulk pack please

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